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When should I buy a baby monitor?


Most new parents could not imagine life without a baby monitor on hand. A baby monitor gives peace of mind so that you listen in or see your baby when they are in a different room. 


How to choose a baby monitor

Find the best monitor for your preferences to ensure your little one is safe and comfortable.


Safety tips

  • Never place the baby unit inside your baby’s cot, bed or playpen.
  • Keep the baby unit, parents unit, and any electrical cords out of reach of baby.
  • When using a monitor that connects to the Internet, be sure to create strong passwords for both your home network and the baby monitor.
  • It's important to remember that a baby monitor is never a substitute for parental supervision.

Audio Baby Monitors

Audio monitors allow you to listen in on your baby when you're not in the room. These will also have a visual representation of the level of volume too, normally being a display of lights on the parent unit, meaning you won't miss any sound, even if the monitor is on mute.

Audio monitors include 2 units: baby and parent as well as a mains adapter. The baby unit should stay in the room that your baby sleeps whereas the parent unit can be both wired and battery-powered, offering more flexibility on where you use it within your household. 


Video Baby Monitors

Video monitors allow you to both see and hear what your baby is up to for greater peace of mind. Some video monitors have smart technology such as infra red night vision,  soothing sounds and lullabies to ease night time routines. 
They consist of a camera (the baby unit), which needs to be set up in your baby's room, and parent unit which has a screen for easy viewing. Some cameras can be mounted to the wall, whereas others will need to be placed on a flat surface.


Movement Baby Monitors

Baby monitors with movement sensors can detect your baby's slightest wriggles and will alert you if baby needs you.

Simply put the sensor mat under the baby’s mattress – they won’t know it’s there. This mat will pick up on how much they are moving around and you'll get alerts if they haven't moved for a certain period of time (usually about 20 seconds).

Smart Baby Monitors

Keep an eye on your little one with just a few clicks either on your parent unit or smart phone. A smart monitor lets you have audio and video updates on your phone, any movement alert or sound activity will cause a notifcation on your screen.

With features like zoom-in, talk-back, on-demand recording, wide-angle and motion detection- you can ensure your baby's safe and sound at all times.

Signal Range

Most baby monitors have a portable parent unit so you can carry it around with you as you go about your day-to-day jobs, making sure you can check on your baby when necessary.

But it's important that you still remain within the signal range. If you've got a big house, find a monitor with a long-ranged frequency. For a flat or small house, shorter ranged frequency should be suitable. 

Pan, Tilt & Zoom Cameras

Adjust the angle of your monitor for your own perfect view and keep your baby in sight, without having to go in the room to change it.

Two-Way Talk

This means you can talk to your little one.

They can hear you and you can hear them, allowing you to reassure, comfort and bond with them from another room.

Infra-Red Night Vision

This is built in to most video baby monitors, this feature allows you to easily see your baby even when they're in a dark room.

Night Light

Features on most monitors, the night light can calm anxious babies and help them to drift off to sleep, in that perfect ambience.

Lullabies/Soothing Sounds

Giving you the ability to play songs right from the monitor to soothe your restless baby, perfect for a steady night time routine. 


Many monitors feature LED lights to provide a visual signal when baby needs you through motion and sound detection, but some also feature a vibration alert to ensure you don't miss a thing.

Temperature Display

See the temperature of your baby's room so you know it's just right for your little one. We recommend temperatures from 16 degrees to 20 degrees in accordance with NHS guildlines. 

Smart Wi-Fi Enabled Video Baby MonitorSmart Wi-Fi Enabled Video Baby Monitor

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Vtech VM923X 2.8 Inch Video Monitor With Remote Pan & TiltVtech VM923X 2.8 Inch Video Monitor With Remote Pan & Tilt

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